As an authorized reseller for Intermap’s NEXTMap Digital Elevation products, MySpatial provides optimized, multi-sensor-derived digital elevation data and orthorectified radar images to enable accurate geospatial analyses in any area of interest. Our NEXTMap products consist of seamless, wide-area, and current terrain information, including:

  • NEXTMap Digital Surface Model (DSM): The DSM has a 5-meter Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and 1-meter RMSE vertical accuracy.
  • NEXTMap Digital Terrain Model (DTM): The DTM has a 5-meter GSD and 1-meter RMSE vertical accuracy.
  • NEXTMap Orthorectified Radar Image (ORI): The ORI has a 1.25-meter pixel and 2-meter RMSE horizontal accuracy.
  • NEXTMap World 30 : This DSM has worldwide coverage comprised of fused SRTM, ASTER, and GTOPO-30 datasets all vertically controlled using ICESat LiDAR points. This allows for a 6-meter RMSE.