As an authorized reseller for world’s largest satellite images provider, MySpatial offers clients the newest generation of satellite imagery and value-added geospatial products. While delivering this highly complex data and supporting technical materials, MySpatial can also provide the following imagery services:

  • Orthophoto Rectification
  • Feature Extraction
  • Image Analysis
  • 3D Visualization

Our satellite imagery are grouped into 2 categories, Optical and Radar. The followings are several. Here is a list of satellite images provided by MySpatial:

  • QuickBird, 60cm resolution, 5-Bands (Optical)
  • WorldView-1, 50cm resolution, panchromatic (Optical)
  • WorldView-2, 50cm resolution, 8-Bands (Optical)
  • GeoEye-1, 50cm resolution, 5-Bands (Optical)
  • RapidEye, 5 meter resolution, 5-Bands – Red Edge (Optical)
  • Pleiades-1, 50cm resolution, 5-Bands (Optical)
  • COSMO-SkyMed, 1 meter resolution, 1-Bands (Radar)