MySpatial’s UAV system is a perfect solution which utilize various oil palm plantation applications like inventory mapping, crop scouting, plantation surveillance, livestock monitoring and other suited plantation management applications. Our UAV are able to monitor plantation operations at the same time every month or year and make further proactive decisions. From a crop perspective utilizing drones in oil palm plantation will help top management, planters and manager to monitor and make decision on the their plantation. There are several benefits using UAV services for oil palm application :

  • Digital map derived from UAV images will become the tools in planning, cost and profits projection, road maintenance or re-designing and many more in years to come.
  • Inventory of all plantations asset such as agriculture roads, total palm tree, culvert, ramp, office and etc.
  • Monitoring land work status at site for ‘Replanting Program’
  • Monitoring encroachment area
  • Analysis of planted/unplanted area, road density, pest and diseases (visualization) and etc.
  • Preparing annual budget for each plantation by counting the oil palm trees