A robust and accurate GIS data can be a powerful aid in making critical decisions, saving time and money, and even saving lives. MySpatial processes GIS data from any format, as well as from text files and paper maps, into optimized GIS data accessible through GIS desktop applications and internet map services consumed by mobile and desktop applications.

MySpatial also develops local, regional, national, and global geospatial layers from the ground up. We have extensive knowledge in sourcing, building and maintaining geospatial datasets. Whether your data of choice is Shapefile, MapInfo Tab, AutoCAD DWG, ESRI SDE, ESRI File Geodatabase, PostgreSQL or other spatial data, MySpatial can design and develop your GIS database to meet your needs.

The following are the sectors where MySpatial is strongly positioned to deliver its services:

  • Agriculture – Oil Palm
  • Transportation – Road and Highway Constructions / Operator
  • Local Administrative Bodies and  Municipalities
  • Forestry
  • Utilities – Electricity, Water and Gas