The planning and design map derived from UAV image or satellite image, Digital Terrain Model (DTM)  and ground survey can be used as ‘blueprint’ for new planting and replanting of oil palm plantation area. Spatial information of phase boundary, block boundary, main road, sub road, drainage, nursery and terrace can be generated accurately with our design and planning solutions.

Constructed and Design Map Road

Monitoring and verification after
New Planting / Replanting Using UAV

Elevation, Block Boundary, Slope and Proposed Road Map for Planning and Detail Design

UAV Image for Planning and Design for New Planting and Replanting Oil Palm Plantation

Replanting is a very important aspect of oil palm cultivation because its provide the opportunity to  correct past mistakes in layout, drainage and planting density, it also enables the use of the latest  generation of planting materials together with the improved agronomic techniques. Through our solutions:
• The planters can estimate the budget or expenses for new planting or replanting as seedlings,
fertilizers, terraced, agricultural roads length, drainage and other plantation needs.
• Plantation planning and design can help the planters to visualize topographic of the plantation area, determine the potential planting area, slope estimation, accurate estimation of plantation         perimeters
• Planned agriculture road system for better harvesting and evacuation
• Complied with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) or Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)  certification requirement