The mapping exercise on plantation inventory using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or satellite images. It provides accurate information on tree count, palm density, plantation boundary and block boundary, road density. The information together with other data could be used for analysis fertilizer requirement and application, and more accurate yield projection, etc.

Mapping and Inventory of Oil Palm Plantation
Tree Counting Analysis

Mapping and Inventory of Oil Palm Plantation
Oil Palm Stand Map

Annual Budget for Fertilize and Pesticide Can Be Calculated Based on Semi-Automated Tree Counting using UAV Images

Integration of GIS, GPS and UAV to develop oil palm plantation inventory

The scope of mapping exercise for plantation inventory comprises; of plantation boundary, block boundary, tree counting/planting density, plantable areas/ unplantable areas, water bodies, river/ streams, road network, permanent Infrastructure, water catchments, temporary occupied areas, over planted outside boundary, over planted on other party land, over planted on reserved land, unplanted on disputed land, gross planted area, total block land area and total yield/ yield per ha.