Web Mapping Application

Web Mapping Application

We can build tailored Web Mapping Applications using a variety of mapping and web technologies and ensuring appropriate integration with our client’s IT environment. MySpatial has built a cloud-based application for use by customers who only focus on their core business. GIS Web Applications eliminate duplication and inconsistency, and make location information conveniently and intuitively accessible across departments, at a lower cost per user.

Sample of Web Mapping Application

Sample of Geospatial Portal based on ArcGIS Server develop by MySpatial

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Sample of Web Mapping Application for Utilities

Web Mapping Application, WebGIS, GeoPlantation, GIS, Web, Mapping, Oil Palm GIS

Sample of Web Mapping Application using Open Source MapServer


User gain easy and fast access to centralized location analyses data to assist them in their day-to-day work. Our Web Mapping Application has been developed over the years to be both powerful and user friendly. With dozens of our clients using the system and providing feedback, the application’s tools and features meet real world needs. One of our web mapping applications known in the oil palm industry is “Geo-Plantation”.


Sample of Web Mapping Application for Oil Palm Plantation, Geo-Plantation

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