The Usage of Panoramic Mapping and GIS Integration

The Usage of Panoramic Mapping and GIS Integration

The spatial data visualization can be used for information gathering and making measurements. 2-dimensional vector data is converted into 3-D presentations combining the panoramic images and this also allows you to make queries and get data from the database. With street level panoramic imagery, mapping and GIS database can be installed, updated, and Extended.  Terabytes of rich content can be integrated to the Geographic Information Systems with the help of our development tools and server solutions.


  1. Urban and Regional Planning

With high resolution and accurate panoramic imagery, engineers, planners or GIS technicians can easily locate and evaluate city infrastructure from their office without the need to go to the field. They will minimize the need for assessment to the field, especially along busy streets. Our system can also work in alignment with your existing GIS platform and data can easily imported or exported to keep the data updated.


  1. Property Assessment

With our street level imagery and mapping system, property tax assessors, land appraisers, and real estate professionals can make property assessment and valuation effectively. They can easily make exploration and measurements directly from the photographic interface and shoot and save any photo to their computer.


  1. Aerial Imagery

As an alternative to satellite derived photographic mapping, with suitable altitude preferences, we can leverage from aerial panoramic imagery. The aerial imagery formed by panoramic photography has a visual which will increase the users perception with the advantages over photographic mapping. The panoramic display will help perception in a geographical unity, since it allows to see the facade of the buildings and other geographic elements. Panoramic aerial imagery will help derive attention to your city presentations.


  1. Transportation Network and Inventory

The transportation network and inventory can be easily updated and managed with the use of our platform. With the visual records of assets over time, nay picture can be retrieved easily from the database and users can easily make collations. For example, the information of the selected public transport line can be presented such as the name of the line, starting and ending point, distance, duration, departure times, station information, route information etc. With local search, official or private corporate information, pharmacies, access points, important historic places, cultural and touristic facilities can be reached and presented in 3-D spatial view.

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