Top 5 Benefits of Geographic Information Systems


Through the creation of rich maps and hi-tech communication systems, GIS has greatly assisted in improving communication. It has improved communication between different departments, teams, disciplines, professional fields, organizations, and the public.


GIS has led to a better decision making. It has enhanced our ability to make better decisions about the location of places. Examples include real estate site selection, zoning, planning, conservation, route selection and natural resource extraction. People are starting to realize the significance of GIS in making correct decision about the location of an intended project.



GIS has promoted cost savings mechanism and measures resulting in greater efficiency. These are associated either with carrying out the mission like labor savings from automating or improving a workflow. By implementing GIS in logistics operations, there will be dramatic improvements in efficiency. By implementing GIS, customer service efficiency can also be increased by reducing the number of return visits to the same site and scheduled appointments more efficiently.



Handling, compiling and distribution of information have been made easy thanks to GIS. Government and many other large corporations use GIS information products to communicate and share data. These products provide a framework for creating a blueprint for action, understanding it and prescribing the action. GIS is fast becoming an enterprise for information systems. Geography is emerging as a new way to organize and manage information. GIS is transforming the way organizations manage their assets, serve their clients, make decisions and communicate. Notable examples are giant oil companies. Their assets and resources are now being managed as an enterprise information system to support day-to-day work management tasks and provide a broader context for assets and resource management.



It has led to the improvement of services. GIS technology has transformed several services that got dented by virtue of failed human logistics. For instance, home delivery of packages has greatly been improved thanks to GIS. Health care services have also received a huge boost. Also, Ambulance drivers can easily determine the quickest and easiest route to the hospital thanks to GIS mapping systems. GIS has led to the development of top-notch navigation system in cars making life easy for cab drivers and delivering quality service.

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