Geospatial Mapping Specialist in Malaysia

MySpatial Sdn Bhd is experts in providing professional Geospatial services to the government and private sectors.
We provide advanced technology and robust performance to allow Drone Mapping services; simple and efficient.
We engage in Geospatial Technology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Research and Development (R&D).


MySpatial Sdn Bhd, ‘MySpatial’ specializing in the acquisition, development and delivery of Geospatial information to both government and private sectors. Our focus on geospatial applications range from:


Oil Palm, Rubber and Paddy


Road and Highway Construction / Operator

Local Administrative Bodies and Municipalities

Electricity, Water and Gas

Why MySpatial

Why MySpatial

MySpatial has over 11 years of experience creating scientifically proven Geospatial solutions with cutting-edge technology.

Business from a variety of sectors rely on our extensive expertise of sophisticated geospatial analytics, machine learning, and remotely sensed geospatial data to make smarter decision.

Our Clients